Poems available online:

“Toxic Assets” published in the Boston Review, January/February 2012

“The Beautiful Nightmares, 1970-2008” published in Connotations Press, Issue X, June 2012

“Frankenstein; or, The Presence Chamber” published in Meridian, Issue 23, May 2009

“Icarus, in Moonlight” originally published in Pleiades; voicefile here on At the Fishhouses

“Occupation: Dreamland” and other poems, published on the Mad Hatter’s Review website,  2007

“A Mass for the Snow inside the Dead” published in Marco Polo Quarterly, 2011

“Thermal Signatures” and other poems, published on the Electronic Poetry Review website, Issues 7 and 8

“The Face at the Hospital Bar” published in Shampoo Poetry, Issue 5

“The Petersburg Dawn” published in the Virginia Quarterly Review, Autumn 1996


Poetry published or forthcoming in various journals:

Puerto Del Sol, forthcoming: “The Believer”

Boston Review, forthcoming: “Toxic Assets”

Colorado Review, 2011, Fall: “New Moon”

Interim, 2011 “Ode to a Baby White Fern” and “Deserter”

Pleiades, 2011 Volume 31, #2, “Icarus, In Moonlight”

Crazyhorse 78, May 2010: “The Photographer in Thomas Jefferson’s Bedroom at Poplar Forest” and “The Aphasia Ward”

Lo-Ball, Issue #2, Fall 2010: “They Eat Their Wounded”

Marco Polo Review, Spring 2010: “A Mass for the Snow Inside the Dead”

Meridian, May 2009, Issue 23: “Frankenstein; or, The Presence Chamber”

Puerto del Sol, Winter 2009, Vol. 44, #1: “Abu Ghraib”, “The Poor Young Things”

Georgetown Review, Spring 2009, Vol. 10, #1: ““If a man could pass through paradise in a dream, and have a pledge presented to him that his soul had really been there, and found that flower in his hand when he awoke—aye, what then?” (an orchid for D.A.)” (Revised version)

The Laurel Review, Summer 2008, Vol. 42, Issue #2: “The Human Shell/A Hymn to the Animal”

The Briar Cliff Review, 2008, Vol. 20: “Occupation: Dreamland”

Meridian, May 2008, Issue 21: “Imperfect Griever”, “Zona”, “The Crucible”

Southern Indiana Review, Spring 2008, Vol. 15, #1: “Dirge for the White Birds Standing in a Marsh, Seen through a Train Window on the Day after my Thirty-Fifth Birthday/After Hank Williams”

Center: A Journal of the Literary Arts, Symposium on the Line: Theory and Practice in Contemporary Poetry, 2008, Vol. 7: “Thermal Signatures (4:03 PM)”

Gulf Coast, Winter 2007 – Spring 2008, Vol. 20, #1: “Agony Cast”

New Orleans Review, Spring 2007, Vol. 33, #1: “Before the Flood/A Song of the Evacuated City”

Xantippe, 2006-2007, Vol. 4-5: “At Rabat, in the Muslim Graveyard, by the Sea”

New England Review, 2005, Vol. 26, #2: “For This Reason Did We Prescribe to the Children of Israel. . .”

Barrow Street, Summer 2005: “Bird of Paradise & Inferno”

Harvard Review, 2005, #29: “The Black Square”, “The Sunrise Engine”

Fence, Spring/Summer 2004, Vol. 7,#1: “Thermal Signatures (1:07 AM)”

Columbia: A Journal of Literature & Art, Issue #8, 2003: “If a man could pass through paradise in a dream, and have a pledge presented to him that his soul had really been there, and found that flower in his hand when he awoke—aye, what then?” (an orchid for D.A.)”

The Canary, 2003, Vol. 2: “Thermal Signatures (6:39 PM)”, “Thermal Signatures (A:WW)

Phoebe: A Journal of Literary Arts, Spring 2002, Vol. 31, #1: “From a Book of the Dead, Chapter II”

Volt, 2002, #8: “Thermal Signatures (2:38 PM)”

Poetry Flash, Winter 2002, #289: “And of the Nature of the Sea Which in Ebbing and  Flowing Seems to Observe so Just a Dance,and Yet Understands No Musicke”

Pleiades, 2002, Vol. 22, #1: “Thermal Signatures (Helios)”

American Literary Review, Fall 2001, Vol. XII, #2: “Depression Glass: A Letter”

Pleiades, 2001, Vol. 21, #1: “A Brief History of the South”, “Turn of the Century”

Great River Review, Fall/Winter 2000-2001, #33: “Kierkegaarden”, “Depression Glass: A Letter”

Pleiades, 2000, Vol. 20, #2: “The Cold War”, “Skin”

Denver Quarterly, Fall 2000, Vol. #35, #3: “Thermal Signatures (5:46 AM)”, “Thermal Signatures (7:19 PM)”

Colorado Review, Spring 2000, Vol. XXVII, #1: “Everlasting Quail”

Phoebe: A Journal of Literary Arts, Spring 2000, Vol. 29, #1: “Waterfowl Descending”

Fence, Fall/Winter 1999-2000, Vol. 2, #2: “Americana”

Volt, 2000, #6: “Song of the Daughter”

Quarterly West, Autumn/Winter 1999-2000, #49: “Theories of Color”

New Millennium Writings, Winter 1999-2000, Vol. 4, #2: “Late Summer Fever”

Pleiades, Winter 1999, Vol. 19, #1: “Black Pony on a Bank of the James”, “New River Blues”

Volt, 1998, #4: “The Fine Art of the Skull”

Puerto del Sol, Spring 1998, Vol. 33, #1: “Aubade in Blue”

Fish Drum Magazine, 1998, Vol. 13: “Rhapsody in Crisper Green”

InTense, 1998, Vol. 2: “Depression Glass: A Letter”

The Virginia Quarterly Review, Autumn 1996, Vol. 72, #4: “The Petersburg Dawn”

Quarterly West, Spring/Summer 1996, #42: “Bible Burning”

Black Warrior Review, Fall/Winter 1996, Vol. XXII, #1: “Listening Room”

Louisiana Literature, Spring 1996, Vol. 13, #1: “Elegy of a Living Man”, “Fireflies”

Iowa Journal of Cultural Studies, 1996, Vol. 15: “Listening Room”

Spoon River Poetry Review, Summer/Fall 1995, Vol. XX, #2: “Self-Portrait in a Dead Possum’s Eye”

The Georgia Review, Summer 1995, Vol. XLIX, #2: “With Crickets”

Poetry Northwest, Spring 1995, Vol. XXXVI, #1: “Eclipse”

Coe Review, 1995, Issue 25: “Elegy with Small-Mouth Bass”

Black Warrior Review, Spring/Summer 1995, Vol. XXI, #2: “Sunflower Brother”

Louisiana Literature, Spring 1994, Vol. 11, #1: “Elegy of a Living Man”

The Rectangle, Journal of Sigma Tau Delta, Fall 1991, Vol. 66, #2: “Stepping into the Light”


Poetry published in various Web Journals:

The Mule Variations: selected poems, videos, audio file readings of poems & Interview

At the Fishhouses: selected poems plus a web interview and a voicefile

Connotation Press: “The Beautiful Nightmares”

350 Poems: The Poem Is The Cry Of Its Occasion,October 2009: “Eurydice 3.5/Coda”

Marco Polo, Spring, 2010: “A Mass for the Snow Inside the Dead: Office at the Parting of the Image through the Eye, Tone ”

Abe’s Penny,featuring Melanie Flood and Sam Witt,  April 2009, Vol. 1.2: “The Aphasia Ward/The Birds”

Electronic Poetry Review, Valedictory Issue, January 2008, #8: “The Mourning Dove”, “Sunday Morning Waking Up: On the 3,558

Madhatters’ Review, July 2007, #8: “The Secretary of War”, “Occupation: Dreamland”, “Sunday Morning Waking Up: On the 3,558”, “Imperfect Griever”

Electronic Poetry Review, June-July 2001: “Thermal Signatures (1:04 PM)”, “Thermal Signatures (2:38 PM)”

Shampoo, April 2001, Issue #5, “The Face in the Hospital Bar”

Poetry Magazine,January 2000: “Rhapsody in Crisper Green”, “Late Snow Falling”, “From a Book of the Dead”