Various articles & essays by Sam Witt:

“Monticello Garden Director Peter Hatch Talks Shop”
C-Ville, 9/2009
“Even a single Nasturtium shall meet standards of historical authenticity—to say nothing of beauty.”

“Who Cares About Poetry, anyway?”
C-ville, 06/2009
“You do. Because in Charlottesville and elsewhere, verse remains vital, local and free.”

“Think global, paint local”
C-ville, 12/2008
“Edward Thomas’ landscapes are not just pretty pictures”

“What do Russians think of President Bush?”
SF Gate, 06/2001

“Silicon Valley CEO Turns UFO Evangelist”
CNN Tech, 3/1999

“Thought Activated Computing”, 11/1998
“The cyberpunk vision of a brain/computer interface becomes real — as a boon for the paralyzed.”