“As readers of poetry, we constantly look for something new—fresh and engaging language, poignant imagery, expertise in all shapes and sizes. We want to be surprised. We want poems to take us somewhere we haven’t been. Sam Witt takes us to those new places in both his books, Everlasting Quail and Sunflower Brother. Most striking about Witt is his masterful ability to stretch language to its limits to give us great depth and intensity in his darkness. His most common themes are bereaved. He seems to suggest to us that true beauty comes in contemplating or realizing loss.” – Amanda Maule, Diagram

Sunflower Brother

(Cleveland State University Press, 2006)

“Sam Witt” confesses, ‘The truth is,//I love the world./Sometimes part of me even loves/what we’ve done to it.’ Witt loves out world hard, and what he does for it is to fashion a language, sad and bitter but tough and full of sunflowers, that shows us a way to love it, too. This is poetry for strong readers.” – Robert E. McDonough, CSUPC Editorial Board

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Everlasting Quail

(University of New England Press, 2001)

Winner of the 2000 Katherine Nason Bakeless Poetry Prize

“Sam Witt’s poems are a rhapsody and ‘crisp singing’ both. The best are purest poetry—mixing beauty, the reaches of language, and an imagination equally made up of body and of grace. He speaks in all our tones. His equivalences are fresh and reveal an involved, likable world.” – Carol Frost, judge of the 2000 Breadloaf Bakeless Prize

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